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This package arrived at my house the other day:


If you are not that familiar with South Park then you may not remember the “Weight Gain 3000” episode where Cartman puts on weight after binge-ing on body-builder weight gain supplement.

Well, I’ve decided that that is going to be me - can you guess what is in the enormous containers in the cardboard box?

Pure Natural Whey Protein Powder, that’s what. Along with some protein bars for eating after workouts. I suspect it won’t be quite the same as Cartman’s “Weight Gain 3000” but hopefully it will help me put on a bit of weight.

I’m naturally pretty skinny, so my thinking is that by taking in additional food, especially as protein, I’ll be able to build some extra muscle. That and regular trips to the gym to lift weights, of course. On a normal day I’d struggle to eat the daily recommended 2500 calories for men. My bodyweight suggests I only need about 1800 calories, to support my physique, which is probably why I don’t tend to get all that hungry.

Doing weights does seem to have made me eat more recently. The protein powders are like bonus extras for me on top of my regular food intake. Fingers crossed, with the weight training breaking my muscles down, the extra protein should be helping them to grow back larger than they started.

Hopefully before long I’ll feel up to putting some naked muscle-clenching posing pictures of myself on here. On second thoughts, maybe not!