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DIY Mixbox

4 minute read

This is my DIY portable version of a Mixbox The Mixbox is a controller designed for playing fighting games such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. It is ...

Blender Scout Car

1 minute read

This was a quick model I put together to try out some low-poly modelling techniques. The goal was to produce a model that could be used in a game engine such...

Blender 3D Art

2 minute read

Here is a 3D model I made recently using Blender, the free Open Source modelling package: There are still quite a few details missing from the model (eg t...

The End Is Nigh

2 minute read

The End Is Nigh is a fun game that I have been playing recently by Edmund McMillen (and Tyler Glaiel), creator of Super Meat Boy, amongst other things.