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Manged to get out for an unexpected session of roller blading, today. I tend to think of every sunny weekend as being likely to be the last one for the year, so I like to make the most of the good weather.

As ever, I like to include a picture in my blog. And, once again, since my digital camera isn’t working too well at the moment, I didn’t have it with me to capture some action shots.

In true Blue Peter tradition, here’s one I prepared earlier …

Skater Boi

This picture was taken in Hyde Park last summer. I was skating in the same place today. Can’t say my skating has improved all that much, since then, either. Mostly because I haven’t had all that much practice.

Today went really well, though and I think I improved a little. Some coaching from Emir who is a qualified skate instructor helped a lot. Thanks, Emir!

I think I can probably save you a tenner and a couple of hours off your life with today’s movie review: Four Brothers - Don’t believe a word of the IMDB review. Bad acting. Worse plot. Car chase was OK, although for all they complained about their traction in the snow, they seemed to be sticking to the road fine compared to how it is when I drive. Usual dumb stuff - calling an ambulance after a gun battle in the street … were the neighbours all out, or something?

On the other hand, I saw Oliver Twist on Friday night and thought it was a great film. Nicely made; very atmospheric; and a good story, even though I knew what happens at the end.