Blender Scout Car

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This was a quick model I put together to try out some low-poly modelling techniques. The goal was to produce a model that could be used in a game engine such as Unity, running on a low-end mobile device.

Scout Car Render

I was inspired to make this after watching Garret_R, one of the developers of the game Parkitect, streaming himself creating rollercoaster car models for their game.

This is the reference I used for the car model.

Scout Car Reference

I don’t think the product is actual Lego(TM), but a knock-off copy.

I also downloaded some reference images for a Lego mini-figure from here. I used those to make a quick Lego figure, which I used to judge the size and proportions of the vehicle. I didn’t include the figures in the final image, since I didn’t give them any arms!

The model was created using the basic modelling tools. It does not use sub-division surfaces, with any hint of smoothness being an illusion created by setting surface normals appropriately. I UV unwrapped the model to a single texture and then very roughly texture painted it (with the mouse!) to give it some colour. The model has just over three thousand triangles.

Finally, to show everything working, I imported the model into the Unity game engine:

Scout Car in Unity

Here is a bonus picture from another project that I’m probably not going to bother finishing. It is a baby dragon, modelled from a stock image of a cartoon baby dragon that I found on the internet. I made it so that I could have a little play with Blender’s sculpting tools.

Baby Dragon in Blender