Origami II

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Here are some origami models I have folded recently:

Origami Dragon

Origami Dragon (Jo Nakashima)

Folded from 20cm x 20cm Tissue Foil from origami-shop.com

This is the first model I’ve made from this kind of paper and I was impressed at how easy it was to work with and how nice the finished model looks.

Origami Unicorn

Origami Unicorn (Jo Nakashima)

This model was folded from 15cm x 15cm Tant, which isn’t really the best choice for a model this complicated as it is quite thick paper. However, it held the folds well and being a lot cheaper than the tissue foil is good to practice with.

I’ll probably make another one of these as it is a bit of a classic origami model, as seen in the movie Bladerunner.

Origami Brachiosaurus

Origami Brachiosaurus (Jo Nakashima)

Another model folded from 15cm x 15cm Tant, which would also have worked a lot better with the tissue foil.

Origami Pyramid

Origami Pyramid (Jo Nakashima)

Folded from this 15cm x 15cm paper-backed foil.

This is quite thick paper, but it worked well for this model as it kept the structure of the pyramid rigid.

Origami T-Rex

Origami T-Rex (Jo Nakashima)

Another 15cm x 15cm foil-backed paper model. This is one of the first models I made by following along with one of Jo Nakashima’s excellent youtube videos.

Origami Triangular Prism

Classic Polyhedra Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft) Triangular Prism (John Montroll)</a>

Folded from 10cm x 10cm washi paper. I have a collection of other similar polyhedra that I have folded from instructions in John’s book.

Origami Mouse

Origami Mouse (Jo Nakashima)

Folded from 15cm x 15cm Tant. I didn’t think this model turned out as well as the others. It looks like I got some of the proportions wrong when folding, especially the head and ears.

Origami Cicada

Origami Cicada (Traditional)

Folded from 10cm x 10cm washi paper. This is a traditional origami model and very quick and easy to fold. I did it to use up some old paper that looked too thick to be folded into a more complex model.

Origami Burr Puzzle

Origami Burr Puzzle

Folded from 6 pieces of 10cm x 10cm washi paper. All six pieces are the same, so if this had been made from wood, as in the traditional burr puzzle, I don’t think it would have been possible to assemble it!

Origami Models

The above picture gives an idea of the size of the models.

In case you were looking at the heading of this article and wondering where you could find Origami I, it is actually almost exactly ten years ago that I posted it on this blog. I’ve still got the Yoda model from that article.